Propionic acid
Calcium propionate
Sodium propionate
Potassium propionate
Calcium acetate(Calcium acetate)
Sodium acetate(Sodium acetate)
Benzoic acid
Sodium benzoate
Benzoic acid potassium
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  Su tenglong chemical co., LTDIs specializing in the production of calcium propionate、Sodium propionate、Potassium propionate、Calcium acetate、Sodium acetate、Potassium acetate、Benzoic acid、Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid potassium series of food antiseptic product base,Is a collection of scientific research and development、Production and processing、Marketing as one of the multinational、Cross-industry enterprises。The company is located in su south railway station five kilometers,And the beijing-shanghai railway104National highway 2 kilometers to the west,Tengzhou port is in the west,South by the beautiful weishan lake,The transportation is convenient。
   Company main products production capacity:Tenglong calcium propionate16000Tons/Years;Sodium propionate6000Tons/Years,Potassium propionate1000Tons/Years;Tenglong calcium acetate8000Tons/Years,Sodium acetate5000Tons/Years,Potassium acetate1000Tons/Years,Tenglong benzoic acid(Industrial grade)22000Tons/Years,Food grade3000Tons/Years;Sodium benzoate food grade12000Tons/Years;Pharmaceutical grade2000Tons/Years;Benzoic acid potassium1500Tons/Years....

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