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Wuxi spring metal products co., LTD. The main main Lin304Stainless steel pipe,316LStainless steel pipe,310SStainless steel pipe,321Stainless steel tube and so on all kinds of stainless steel pipe!Provided free of charge304Stainless steel pipe and price316LStainless steel pipe price consultation!Since its inception has always been adhering to the company”Good faith for this,Go to the world”In north China region enjoyed not desirable for the enterprise credibility,Strong。Perennial sales chengdu iron and steel group、Metallurgical steel group、Baotou steel plant、Baosteel group、Anshan iron and steel group、Tianjin big seamless、Xining special steel factory、Wuxi steel mills、Hengyang steel mills such as the major steel production of various stainless steel pipe。 Stainless steel pipe specifications:Ф6~Ф426×1~50 Stainless steel pipe materials321、316L、309S、310S、301、303、304And so on。 Stainless steel plate specifications0.4mm~80mm The stainless steel material 431、201、202、304、321、316L、309S、310S、405、410、420、420J2And so on。 Execution standard:GB/T14976-2002、GB/T13296-96、GB/T14975-2005、ASTM/A312、ASTM/A213、ASTM/A269、AISIJISDINAnd so on.Company can produce all kinds of special specifications for users,Special materials seamless steel tubes,Timely delivery,The price is low,Quality,Accompanied by the original material books or copy,Holiday business as usual、Can help and trucks、The fire is...
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