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01A chlorine acetone

English name:Chloroacetone

CAS No.:78-95-5

Molecular formula:C3H5ClO

02Cross-linked with acetone

English name:1,1,3-trichloro-2-

CAS No.:921-03-9

Molecular formula:C3H3Cl3O


03Six chloroacetone

English name:Hexachloroacetone

CAS No.:116-16-5

Molecular formula:C3Cl6O

04Tert-butyl methyl chlorosilane

English name:Tert-Butyldimethyl

CAS No.:18162-48-6

Molecular formula:C6H15ClSi

Content:99%The above

05Pivalic acid chloride

English name:Trimethylacetyl

CAS No.:3282-30-2

Molecular formula:C5H9ClO

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My company was founded in2014Years,Is engaged in fine chemicals production、Research and development、Sales in the integration of corporate entities。The company registered capital2500Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of74.66m,Is located in fujian province shao-wu jintang industrial park。Fujian provincial park“The circular economy”Demonstrative industrial park and fujian province“Five-year”Fluorine chemical industry development base,The park covers an area of twenty thousand mu。。Here is the north“Double world heritage”Wuyi mountain,The south which the world geological park timing。

In my company2015In according to the petrochemical gauge standard design construction,Has built three sets of acetone chloride production line,Can produce a chlorine、Dichloride、Chemical、Five chlorine、Six series products of chloroacetone,With annual output of tert-butyl methyl chlorosilane 2 a set of production line。Rich experience in the industry,Has good foundation of fluorine chemical products and production experience。
We have rich experience on the chloride process,At present domestic a chloroacetone synthesis process——The gas phase chlorination GongYiXi my company research and development on its own,Is also the first domestic。

The scale of production for the main products of the company:Annual output3000Tons of chloroacetone、500Tons of cross-linked with acetone、500Tons of chloroacetone six、1000Tons of tertiary butyl 2 chlorosilane、1000Tons of pivalic acid chloride。    


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Welcome to nanping inscription is net pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD...

My company was founded in2014Years,Is engaged in fine chemicals production、Research and development、Sales in the integration of corporate entities。Ben...

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